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Web Sites for small businesses, E-Commerce at a reasonable price, Consulting on computer issues, Oracle Relational Database System Design, Forms and Reports Development, System Testing and Implementation, Project Management, System Security Audit, Disaster Recovery Plans, & more.

43+ years of information technology experience

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We are not all things to all people but we certainly have a great deal of experience from which you can draw.

We consult on Web Site design, implementation, promotion and success.

We can consult with you on any computer issue from as simple as, "What sort of PC should I buy?" to the complicated issues of designing a client/server Oracle Relational Database, writing specifications, development, testing, etc. We can even provide project management.

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Want an E-Commerce merchant account???

If you are going to do business on the Internet, you must have an E-Commerce merchant account to capture those impulsive purchases charged to a major credit/debit card. Buyers today are turned off by having to send E-mail to purchase something. They also easily change their mind about a purchase when they think of the hastle of sending you a personal check and waiting for it to clear the bank before you ship the merchandise. Don't fool yourself. The chances of a buyer going to the trouble of sending you a "certified" check are quite slim.

Let us show you how you can get your own E-Commerce merchant account and salvage those previously missed sales.
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