Consulting Services Available

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We feel that we have a great deal of talent to offer potential clients. With 43+ years of experience with information technology, QCCI offers knowledge, expertise and assistance to clients without adding personnel to their payroll as a full-time employees with benefits.

A consulting engagement may be a short-term or long-term commitment and it may be a full-time or part-time commitment. The client dictates the length of the engagement and the amount of time to be dedicated to the project for its duration.

QCCI specializes in the area of computer application design using the latest relational database technologies. This service includes:
(1) Interviewing client employees to determine their needs, desires and expectations that a new computer application should meet, and documenting those facts.

(2) Providing entity relation diagrams for the data elements required in database structures.

(3) Writing functional specifications of the system.

(4) Writing detail, programming specifications for programs, screens and reports.

(5) Assisting in the unit and system testing of the system.

(6) Project management.

Additionally, QCCI offers the service of writing and executing computer system test plans, writing computer disaster recovery plans, producing documentation of existing computer systems or any other technical documentation desired by a client. This technical writing service can be provided in broad terms or in the minutest detail depending on what is desired by the client. QCCI can also provide testing services for any plan that is produced.

The experience of the QCCI staff in dealing with many different computer systems, environments and problems, equips us with a unique skill of performing an audit of a computer installation. This audit could be done to make sure that a client is conforming to their corporate computing standards or perhaps the standards set forth by their external auditors. We can deal with all aspects of standards and make recommendations of what is needed to meet those standards. In this audit, we can normally provide suggestions for cost reduction and/or efficiency improvements.

QCCI can assist a client with problem diagnosis and resolution. QCCI offers a service of working with the client to determine the nature of the problem, the extent of any damages to data caused by the problem and propose a solution to resolve the problem. Where possible, QCCI will offer assistance and advice for the repair of any damage to data caused by the problem. QCCI may elect to sub-contract with other independent consultants or consulting firms to assist in solving a client’s problem when the expertise in a given area of technology is not within the QCCI staff. When QCCI is required to sub-contract for other consultants, QCCI will pay for those services and pass the billing on to the client.

QCCI can be sub-contracted by other consulting firms, to supply expertise that is not available from members of their staff or to provide temporary consultants to handle engagements when their staff members are fully committed to other projects. QCCI will also be available to temporary personnel agencies to fill any need that they have for temporary consulting services for one of their clients.

QCCI is an independent contractor. Neither QCCI nor its employees are, or shall be deemed for any purpose to be employees of the client. The client shall not be responsible to QCCI, its employees or any governing body for any payroll-related taxes related to the performance of services under any agreement. Additionally, QCCI shall procure and maintain for itself and its employees all insurance coverage as required by Federal or State law, including workers’ compensation insurance.