Web Site Package Options and Costs

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Remember, Hosting is FREE and included with each EZ-NetTools account. Each E-Commerce capable account comes with 350 Mega-Bytes of Web Site space and up to 200 E-mail accounts. You can even host your domain name (www.yourname.com) on the servers at no additional cost.

Self-Serve customers are "self-taught, computer-literate" individuals who are highly-experienced users of computer software packages. Self-Serve customers are expected to be able to build and maintain their own Web Site with as little as 1 hour of orientation and instruction within the EZ-NetTools Hostware.

Jump-Start customers are "want-to-do-it-myself" individuals but they are not comfortable with the idea of creating a Web Site single-handedly. Jump-Start customers are expected to be able to build their own Web Site with consulting help from Quality Computer Consultants, Inc., and then be able to maintain it themselves with the EZ-NetTools Hostware on an on-going basis.

Full-Service customers typically want a "turn-key" Web Site. Full-Service customers want someone to build their Web Site initially and make it available on the Internet as soon as possible. Once the Web Site has been implemented, they may elect to maintain it themselves with the EZ-NetTools Hostware or continue to contract with Quality Computer Consultants, Inc., to maintain the Web Site and keep it fresh with frequent updates.

If you don't find a pricing option above that appeals to you, contact us. You can generate an E-mail easily by clicking the Contact Us link below or telephone us at the number shown. We will be happy to discuss different pricing approaches that can surely meet your needs.