Important Facts About Web Site Hosting

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Hosting is FREE and included with each EZ-NetTools account. Each E-Commerce capable account comes with 350 Mega-Bytes of Web Site space and up to 200 E-mail accounts. You can even host your domain name ( on the servers at no additional cost.

Our Web Sites are developed and hosted on Internet Servers provided by ICServ, Inc., one of the largest Web Site hosting services in the world. Their servers boast an uptime above 99.9%. The system reliability is anchored by cluster technology and protected against power outages with battery back-ups. In case of long term power outages, a power generator is always on stand by.

In addition, they have developed a computer program called "Watch Dog" which continually monitors each part of the system. If a problem is detected by the "Watch Dog," their system administrators are immediately contacted to fix problems and prevent or minimize server downtime.

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