What costs are associated with a Web Site?

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There are three mandatory costs involved with having a Web Site.

(1) Domain Name reservation.

(2) The initial cost of creating a Web Site.

(3) Recurring cost of keeping a Web Site.

There is no such thing as a "free lunch." If you are going to have a Web Site that is capable of doing E-Commerce, is easily maintained, and gives you control of your visibility on the Internet, a free Web Site is not what you are looking for, or need.

Domain Name Registration
A Domain Name is effectively your address on the Internet. You want to use a name that is easy to remember, meaningful and unique. It could be your company name, your product, or even an acronym for your company. For example, homedepot.com is a good example of using the company name, ibm.com is an excellent use of an easy to remember acronym, and time.gov is indicative of the product found at that Domain Name.

Once you register a Domain Name, it is exclusively yours for as long as you pay the yearly registration fee. The cost of registering a Domain Name with Network Solutions, Inc., is $35 per year but there are other services that register for less than that amount. That cost is paid directly to the company that registers your Domain Name.

We will assist you, free of charge, to determine a good Domain Name for your Web Site and help you get it registered so it is exclusively yours. Within 48 hours of registering your Domain Name, people can begin going to your Web Site to see what you have to offer.

Initial Web Site Cost
There is an initial, "one-time," fee to cover creating space for your Web Site on our Web Server and providing you with the software and tools to create and maintain it yourself.

Think of this fee in terms of a leased garden plot. If you wanted a garden and went to a local farm that leased plots to individuals, they would charge you an initial fee for plowing the plot and putting a fence around it, to define your space, and keep others out of it. They would be willing to loan you shovels, rakes, hoes, etc. to work your garden to help insure the success of your harvest. If you choose not to use their "loaner" tools, that is your prerogative, but their initial fee is the same.

Our initial fee is totally dependent on your capabilities. If you are computer literate, perhaps you would want to do everything yourself. If you are not comfortable with that approach, we can do everything for you. Everyone should be able to settle somewhere between those two extremes and we would be more than happy to share the Web Site maintenance responsibilities with you. Regardless of your level of involvement, you will still have all of the Web Site maintenance software at your disposal. Who knows, at a later date, after your Web Site is up and running, you may elect to do the Web Site maintenance yourself and you will already be equipped to do just that with no additional charge.

Recurring Web Site Cost
The third fee involved with having your own Web Site is the monthly hosting and access fee. Thinking in terms of the garden once again, the hosting and access fee would be like a fee that would allow you to rent that garden plot each month as well as the ability to get into it, whenever you wanted, to tend it and reap the fruits of your labor.

A Web Site monthly hosting and access fee is the same type of fee. It is your monthly rent for the space your Web Site occupies on a Web Server and the capability of getting into your Web Site for maintenance, or to retrieve the orders that customers have placed for your merchandise.

Our monthly hosting and access is FREE!!!

What other charges are there?
Well, we've covered the three mandatory costs of having your own, personal Web Site. There are a couple of optional costs to be considered.

(1) The cost of maintaining, or making changes to your Web Site. We are available to assist you with the design of your Web Site and educate you on how to implement it, maintain it, submit it to search engines, etc. We will even maintain your Web Site for you, for a reasonable hourly fee, if you do not feel comfortable in doing that yourself. You would only pay for changes you want and if no changes are necessary, you pay nothing for maintenance. This is certainly an optional cost and it is under your control.

(2) The cost of an E-Commerce merchant account. The next underlined question is a link that will take you to our E-Commerce section to learn more about how you can add E-Commerce capabilities to your Web Site and be able to collect your money quickly by allowing customers to safely use their credit/debit cards when purchasing your merchandise. This is another optional cost under your control.

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